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Okeene Milling Company

On July 1, 1932, Shawnee Milling Company acquired the Okeene Milling Company. Okeene Milling Company is located in the northwest part of Oklahoma in the city for which it is named. The town's name, Okeene, was formed by putting together the first two letters of Oklahoma, the last two letters of Cherokee and the last two letters of Cheyenne. Okeene Milling Company is located among the most productive hard winter wheat fields in the country.

The Okeene Milling Company specializes in bulk bakery, tortilla and whole wheat flour.

Contact Okeene Milling Company
Okeene Milling Company
P.O. Box 1000
Okeene, OK 73763
(580) 822-4411
Bob Ford, Executive Vice President
Randy Nusz, Vice President, Grain Merchandiser

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